The ebook you need to hire smarter, retain longer and foster great culture.

T66% are seekingurnover is expensive. You have the direct costs of recruitment and training, but also the indirect costs of losing skills and venue knowledge, of team morale dips as well as potential loss of regulars. So what is the single most important thing you can do to retain star employees longer?

poach launched the Workplace Sentiment Barometer to access insights from hospitality workers across Australia and find the answers to these questions and many more. The findings were eye opening. Download the ebook here.

The data provided from over 100 workers from all venue types has provided a great snapshot on trends of:

  • What workers like and dislike most about their workplaces?
  • What’s critical for retention?
  • How ready they are to leave?
  • Would they recommend your venue after moving on?

These are the essential ingredients to positively impact how you hire, retain and foster culture.

To access a host of insights that will help shape your staff attraction and retention strategies, download our complimentary eBook today.

Download Workplace Sentiment Barometer Ebook now.



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