What the world’s best bars look for, when building a team

Hiring the right team is one of the most important aspects of a venue and can be the difference between a cold and unwelcoming space, and one where people want to stay all night long. So here is what we look for at the Black Pearl.

Personality! Anyone can be taught or learn to create cocktails, pour beers, and open wine, BUT, you cannot be taught to have a personality. That has to come from within. You have to get genuine enjoyment out of engaging with people. On top of that, people with interesting traits or hobbies can be worth exploring further. Cocktails, beer, and wine do not talk, you are the one that must bring that to life. You must be able to hold a conversation.

Body language is another strong point. A glint in the eye, an eagerness to excel, a willingness to impress your peers and show people what you’ve got. A cheeky nature, or someone that exhibits a little bit of playful bravado is always going to go down well.

A willingness to learn, work hard and be a team player. A definite no-no, something to look out for, is someone who, during an interview or trial period, dictate to you their preferred hours and schedule, and what best suites them. If you are not a team player, you will not succeed, and it will quickly become apparent in an industry like this, where everyone talks, that you aren’t up for it.

Following on from this, we look for candidates that are looking to make hospitality their career, not a stop gap. Their eagerness to learn and add skills to their arsenal for the now as well as the following phases of their career are important to both them and the business, and they are most likely to treat the workplace like their own, with pride. They care about what takes place as it is a reflection of themselves, and their reputation is important going forward if they are in it for the long term.

By Nathan Beasley